Will my refurbished laptop or tablet include an operating system?

Absolutely, we supply Windows 10 where possible. Some models support legacy operating systems such as Windows 7 or XP if they are required.

Do I receive warranty with my purchase?

Yes – We supply a standard 6 month warranty term and product options for 1 year to 2 year extensions on most products. .

You can review our warranty policy by viewing: Returns & Warranty Policy

Is the power adaptor included with the laptop or tablet?

Yes of course! However, some models can also be supplied with a 12v DC vehicle charger (in addition) if required

How quickly do you dispatch? and what are the rough transit times?

Our typical dispatch times are 1 to 2 business days. This is dependent, however, on the configuration ordered.

We use Australia Post where possible. The Australia Post estimation tool can be used as a reference: (all parcels will ship from Adelaide): Australia Post Domestic Delivery Times

If you would prefer that we use an expedited courier service such as TNT Express we can generate a quote and invoice the additional charges separately. Please feel free to contact us if this is your preference.

Do I need the 4G Internet option? Do I need mobile coverage for GPS to work?

The 4G card we retrofit in most cases are a Sierra EM or MC 7305 or 7420 model. They do not require cellular connectivity to utilize GPS. However, if available they can triangulate via cell towers to reduce the time for the first fix (lock-on times)

The 4G card will require an active mobile sim card (typically a full-sized sim). We do not provide mobile data services we simply supply the capability to install your own in the device.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes absolutely, however, please be aware that our website is limited to supply freight pricing to select countries.

If you are unable to place an order because your country is not listed, please contact us directly.

Are your products available for wholesale and do you supply bulk pricing?

We typically do not operate as a wholesaler. However, depending upon your requirements we can supply bulk pricing on select products.

If you have a specific requirement please contact our sales team.